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The winner of the 2008 John Guice Award

The winner of the 2008 John Guice Award, Johannes Biala, is establishing ‘Compost Aid’ from the prize to support composting communities in economically disadvantaged countries.

His vision is centred on the Organics Recycling and Composting Industry where the resources available through the WMAA (Waste Management Association Australia) were used to improve and innovate his services. At last year’s Winning Ways with Carbon forum, each delegate was offered a tree to plant to offset the emissions from organising and attending the event organised by Biala. He planted the remaining trees and an additional thirty trees, to be certain that the environmental budget was in the black.

Compost Australia is a member of GELITA Australia, the organisation that provided land for planting and mulch from its on-site operation. For more information about GELITA or Compost Australia:

Posted On Oct 25, 2008