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Salvation Army Christmas Gift Warehouse 2016

24 August

Infinity Waste logistics was honoured to supply waste removal services for waste generated by the 480 volunteers from 24 corporate businesses, and processing and distribution of the 70000 gifts of toys and food.... Read more

Child Safety Handbook Support

8 May

Infinity Waste Logistics were approached by Qld Police Legacy scheme to sponsor the handbooks to be delivered to South of Brisbane River. This included Ipswich, Logan, West Moreton, Bayside & Beaudesert areas. Having School aged children we were happy to support this worthwhile cause.... Read more

Infinity Waste Logistics Fleet

6 May

Infinity waste has increased our fleet, we now have two Tailgate Lifter Utes and 1 Tipper Ute.... Read more

Salvation Army Christmas Gift Warehouse 2013

6 March

Infinity Waste logistics was honoured to supply waste removal services for waste generated by the 480 volunteers from 24 corporate businesses, and processing and distribution of the 70000 gifts of toys and food.... Read more

Local Community Support

8 February

Infinity Waste Logistics have sponsored the rock band at the Birkdale State School. We think supporting the rock band already named Infinity again in 2014 was a good way to support kids in the local community.... Read more

Shipping Industry Support

8 October

October 2013 Infinity Waste Logistics was proud to be one of the sponsors for the 2013 Shipping Industry Association Ball. This year they raised money for the work of Volunteer Marine Rescue Association at Sandgate.... Read more

Industry Sponsors

25 July

Recently, Infinity Waste Logistics was one of the proud sponsors for the 2008 SAL (Shipping Australia Limited) Ball, raising money for the Australian Marine Environment Protection Association (AUSMEPA). As this year's beneficiary, the organisation raises awareness of the marine environment through education for crews and other community members using the port. The annual event encourages liaisons between business and industry, the community, and regulatory authorities for port sustainability.... Read more

Community Sponsors

25 July

Capalaba State College's Special Needs Unit held their End of Year event featuring a musical/drama production for the children. Infinity's on going commitment to return prosperity to the community resulted in supporting this celebration. The Special Needs Unit provides services and support to a large number of families in the district, and is recognised as a forerunner of advances in fundamentals education to these learners.... Read more

Paint Recycling Partnership

25 February

Infinity Waste Logistics has embarked in a partnership to collect and recycle paints and solvents for a renewable and sustainable system. As the paint and coatings industry is cemented in using virgin chemical products for reliable performance and aesthetic, it is unique to find like minded innovators keen to redress the norm. Should you have unused tins or paint residues for disposal and would like to contribute to this cutting edge technology, or would like to access recycled paint to enhance your sustainability project, contact us through this website or on: 1300 659 328.... Read more

Local Industry News

25 October

The Queensland EPA website has posted details of a State Government announcement for a service to assist households to manage climate change and reduce greenhouse emissions. Labelled ClimateSmart Home Service, the initiative will commence on 1st January 2009 and operate in a similar manner to the WaterWise programme. For a small service fee, a qualified tradesman will be engaged to audit the residence and provide advice on energy consumption and install energy efficient devices. For more information go to: Read more

The winner of the 2008 John Guice Award

25 October

The winner of the 2008 John Guice Award, Johannes Biala, is establishing 'Compost Aid' from the prize to support composting communities in economically disadvantaged countries. His vision is centred on the Organics Recycling and Composting Industry where the resources available through the WMAA (Waste Management Association Australia) were used to improve and innovate his services. At last year's Winning Ways with Carbon forum, each delegate was offered a tree to plant to offset the emissions from organising and attending the event organised by Biala. He planted the remaining trees and an additional thirty trees, to be certain that the environmental budget... Read more

EPA Sustainable Industries Awards

20 October

On 31st October 2008, the EPA Sustainable Industries Awards will be held at a gala dinner at the Gold Coast Exhibition and Convention Centre, Broadbeach from 6.30 pm. The winners of the awards will be drawn from the business and industry community in Queensland and will be representative of the best and most innovative practices of sustainability. For more information, go to: the_2008_epa_sustainable_industries_awards/awards_dinner... Read more

The Real Cost of Emmissions Trading

30 September

Visy Pulp and Paper has predicted that proposed emissions trading schemes will encourage manufacturers to exploit our Asian neighbours and developing economies and shift waste off-shore in order to offset the emissions costs of general manufacturing. As recycling processes or remanufacturing attract carbon-costs but products are fundamentally carbon-neutral, Visy suggests that future schemes include: Credit for volunteers to the scheme cutting emissions in processes and supply chains; Recognition of inherent benefits of recycling; and That EITE (Emission-Intensive Trade Exposed) compensation should be based on actual cost of impost of a carbon price on activities. For information on EITE activities, go to: Read more

Landfills in Crisis

25 July

Not driven by carbon emissions, but costs to local councils and, consequently households, there are plans to create new waste disposal infrastructure in the next two years. As one of the largest contributors to landfill in Western Europe, at the current rate of use, existing landfill sites won't cope with waste after 2015. The considered development is not before time: typical commissioning of a new waste treatment facility can take seven years or more. Councils face up to £7 million is enough landfill waste is not diverted to other means of management: recycling or composting. The recent waste management crisis in Naples ... Read more